Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fishing Report From Captain Jason Prieto

 Tampa Bay has been hit with a ton of rain and the first cold fronts of the fall. With all this change fishing has been decent but unpredictable. With that being said being prepared for just about anything helps ensure that your odds of having a good day of fishing will be good. Trout fishing has been good on the outer flats but size has been small. Snook fishing has been pretty good on the flats but the bigger fish just have not been around. Last but not least is Red fish. Big schools have been hit and miss on the flats but when you find that big school of Reds you will be in for a bunch of fun. Tight lines

Capt. Jason Prieto
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Captain Jim Huddleston Fishing Report

What's Hot- With the Fall bonanza going on along our coastline, many anglers
on charters are catching Kingfish, Mackerel, Grouper, Trout , Redfish and
Snook all in the same day. This wide range of species is largely due to the
excess of bait along the beaches in North Pinellas County. The migratory
mackerel will feed among to the bait schools and migrate south as cooler
waters are around the corner. As the water temperature starts to work into
the seventies, the Grouper will use the hard bottom near passes to stage up
and forage on the mass amount of pinfish that are found in the structure.
The inshore bite has been stimulated by the moderate drop in water temps and
made many gamefish more aggressive on incoming tides. Larger Speckled Trout
are moving into the shallows and holding in the same sandy troughs as
Redfish. Belly-hooked sardines with a split shot will keep the offering in
the strike zone for a longer period of time. This allows for an easy ambush
as both species will work the edges of flats in search of these sandy
depressions. Another key component inshore has been the mullet schools that
are working the shallows as the tide floods. Throwing gold or white
Huddlespoons in these schools works well as anglers can work all levels of
the water column and often times get a reaction strike from predators
holding in the mass of jumping mullet.
Backcountry- Working bayous, river mouths and creeks are a staple of Fall
fishing as well as the destination of many snook that move off the beaches.
All three species of an inshore slam can be caught off oyster bars and docks
that are found in these "sweetwater" tributaries.

Capt. Jim Huddleston
(727) 439-9017


Captain Stewart Ames October Fishing Report

With fall clearly settling in and another cold front on the way, anglers on the southwest coast of Florida are getting ready to experience a great 6 – 8 weeks of fishing.  As October gives way to November, there are opportunities to catch a wide variety of species. Inshore fish are still active and just a few miles off of the beach, a multitude of predators are showing up to gorge on the abundant near shore bait.  A typical day might include a run to a near shore ledge where kingfish, Spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, great barracuda and possibly even grouper can be caught.  As the day progresses and the sun gets higher in the sky, some of these species get a little more line shy. Heading back inshore, especially on a rising tide, can yield redfish and fall snook.  All of these species will eat the abundant pilchards and most can be caught on inshore tackle, providing great light tackle sport.

Captain Stewart Ames
Gone Fishing Charters           

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