Sunday, May 5, 2013

Flounder Fishing

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Kayak Bob here to give you some info regarding Flounder fishing now that the big Speckled Trout seem to have left the area, for who knows how long.  They should be back in November/December 2013.  In the meantime, Redfish are in their favorite spots and the Snook are heading to the beaches, but there remains the underrated Flounder.  They are fun to catch and are great to eat.  There are two kinds of Flounder along the Florida Gulf Coast:  the Gulf Flounder (3 larger black spots) and the Southern Flounder (lots of spots).  They live on the bottom so you can use jig heads with Gulp Shrimp or Gulp Shad, live shrimp (with a split shot), or pin fish (with a split shot). Many other types of baits will also work, so use your imagination.  The key to catching Flounder is finding sandy or soft bottoms near such structures as rock piles, jetties, passes, docks and pilings. Also, sandy areas around oyster bars can be productive.  Fish on the bottom or bounce your lures/baits slowly along the bottom until you think you are stuck on the bottom.  That is probably Mr. Flounder.  Next give the flounder enough time to swallow your bait ,15-20 seconds, then set the hook.  Have fun and enjoy.
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